Who is Your Favorite Celebrity Couple?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Birchbox is holding a contest to see which celebrity couple their readers think is most stylish. By simply casting your vote here, you will automatically be entered to win a set of his and hers wallets, as well as fragrance sets by BVLGARI. Free stuff for clicking a button, score!

Photo: Birchbox Facebook Page
If it came down to looks alone, obviously my vote would be for Victoria and Becks. I mean, let's be honest, they're probably the hottest couple on the planet. Aside from the fact that Victoria never smiles (seriously, would it kill her to give us a cheeky little grin?) they're two of the best looking celebrities in Hollywood, in my opinion.

But, since we're not voting based on looks alone (that would be shallow, you know) and we're voting based on style...I'd still totally go with Posh and Becks! I admit, I'm a bit partial to these two, and their being British only adds fuel to my burning desire for them. To be honest, I really prefer them with less clothing, if you catch my drift. David is photographed most frequently without a shirt and I have to admit, I quite like him that way. Who doesn't? And Victoria has a smokin' bod that seems to look amazing in absolutely everything she puts on. I'm fairly certain she could totally rock a brown paper bag. 

Photo: www.eonline.com
These two make fashion and style look easy and effortless, which is how it should be. Whether they're at one of the kids' soccer games or on the red carpet, they always look amazing and well put together. They embrace the trends, but keep it classic and I love that about them. The British have their own sense of style and I think Posh and Becks do a fab job of combining it with American fashion. If I had the opportunity to raid one celebrity's closet, it would most certainly be Victoria's...even if I can't fit into anything she owns!

Go cast your vote for your favorite celebrity couple on Birchbox's Facebook Page and be automatically entered in the BVLGARI contest! Hello? It's free stuff! DO IT!

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